Burn Stop is a thick, topical cooling gel for burns. It provides fast pain relief, reduces the burn progression, and cools and soothes the affected area. Burn Stop is sold in an 8 oz. pump bottle, and a wall bracket is available for quick visilibilty and easy access in emergency situations.

Burns occurs daily in the food service industry where there is contact with flames, hot water and steam, oil splatters, grills, and ovens.

Unit Information
Burn Stop Bottle Dimensions: 7.5″ H x 2.26″L x 1.48″W
Bracket Dimensions: 11.75″ H x 5.0″L x 2.0″ W
Burn Stop Weight: .65 Lbs.
Burn Stop Bracket Weight: .25 Lbs.
Burn Stop & Bracket Weight: .85 Lbs.
No active ingredients.
Shelf Life: 5 Years from Date of Manufacture.

Burn Stop Product Case Information
Burn Stop Product Item Number: CJ8-4
Product Case Pack: 4
Product Weight: 2.70 Lbs.
Product Case Dimensions: 7.50″H x 6.25″L x 4.25″W

Burn Stop Bracket Case Information
Burn Stop Bracket Item Number: TCJ-10
Product Case Pack: 1 – Brackets solded individually