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Testifire – our all-in-one test solution of Multi-sensor detector Tester

Two models are available, Testifire 1001 for testing smoke and heat and Testifire 2001 that adds the ability to test CO. single or milti-sensor detector tester can be achived with it.

  • Our most popular all-in-one detector tester, the Testifire 1001 enables functional testing of both smoke and heat sensors, making it multi-sensor detector tester.Functional smoke testing is carried out using the Testifire 1001 head unit and a TS3 smoke capsule.Testifire 1001 Kit Contains:
    • 1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
    • 1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
    • 2 x Solo 770-001 Battery Baton
    • 1 x Solo 727-001 Multi-Voltage Fast Charger
  • CO generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules.Key features include:
    • Non-pressurised – easier to store
    • On-demand CO generation
    • Non-flammable
    • Safe – amount of CO produced pose no health risk
    • Product Code: TC3-001
  • Smoke generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules. The use of capsules offers a number of benefits over traditional aerosol canisters.
    Key features include:
    • Non-pressurised – easier to store and transport
    • On-demand smoke generation – less wastage, more tests
    • Smoke stimulus which is compatible with widest range of detectors
    • Product Code: TS3-001
  • The Testifire 2001 offers all the features and benefits of the 1001 – but with the added ability to test CO.CO testing is carried out using a Testifire head unit and a TC3 capsule, safe levels of CO are generated via the capsule once the tester is placed over the detector.
    • Two heat settings
    • Activation of the widest range of heat sensors (up to 100°C)
    • Compatible with Solo access poles
    • Able to test for CO
    • Product Code: Testifire 2001-001