///Trutest 800 – Sensitivity Detector Tester

Trutest 800 – Sensitivity Detector Tester

For those also requiring the Solo access pole, the Trutest 800 provides everything you need – with access up to 6 metres provided with the Solo 100.

Product includes:

  • Trutest 801 smoke detector sensitivity tester
  • Solo 100 Access Pole
  • Storage case and pole bag
  • Product Code: Trutest 800-001
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Trutest 800 – Sensitivity Detector Tester

Not all detectors are as sensitive as firms need to have. Over time, smoke detector sensitivity can drift. They may increase far more sensitive or much less sensitive, but both ways, this fluctuation insensitivity can result in the alarm to be ineffectual. Employing detector testers to examine the sensitivity of fire alarms is not only necessary by law but will also give you greater management in excess of the sensitivity of the fire alarm you are maintaining. JK Fire provides trutest 800 the very best detector sensitivity testers on the marketplace.

why use trutest?

  • Measures detector sensitivity
  • Battery operated
  • Calibrated results in % /ft
  • Automatically self-calibrates before each test
  • Suits most detectors
  • UL Listed