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solo - smoke detector tester
  • C3 with Solo 330 Solo C3 Detector Tester
    Designed for functional testing of detector testers, the Solo C3 Aerosol ensures that detectors that respond to smoke are in full working order. Non-flammable, this product is the professional’s choice for value in aerosol smoke. Key features include:
    • Detector manufacturer endorsed
    • Non-flammable CO stimulus
    • Enables controlled delivery over short bursts
    • Compatible with Solo 330/332 dispensers
    • Product Code: Solo C3-001
  • Our ultimate detector tester, Testifire is available as a 3-in-1 tester to functionally test smoke, heat, and CO. CO testing is carried out using a Testifire head unit and a TC3 capsule, safe levels of CO are generated via the capsule once the tester is placed over the detector.  Testifire is compatible with the Solo access poles and offers a number of unique benefits. Testifire 2001 - 001 Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Testing Kit Includes:
    • 1 x Testifire 2000-001 Head Unit
    • 1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
    • 1 x TC3-001 CO Capsule
    • 2 x Solo 770-001 Battery Baton
    • 1 x Solo 727-001 Multi-Voltage Fast Charger
  • TC3
    CO generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules. Key features include:
    • Non-pressurised – easier to store
    • On-demand CO generation
    • Non-flammable
    • Safe – amount of CO produced pose no health risk
    • Product Code: TC3-001