//Testifire 1001 Detector Tester

Testifire 1001 Detector Tester

Our most popular all-in-one detector tester, the Testifire 1001 enables functional testing of both smoke and heat sensors, making it multi-sensor detector tester.

Functional smoke testing is carried out using the Testifire 1001 head unit and a TS3 smoke capsule.

Testifire 1001 Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
  • 1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
  • 2 x Solo 770-001 Battery Baton
  • 1 x Solo 727-001 Multi-Voltage Fast Charger
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Testifire 1001-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Test Kit

Testifire one thousand Sequence is the world’s first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and multi-stimulus detectors. Each smoke and heat testifire smoke stimuli are produced in a single unit, and delivered separately, or – for at the same time in whichever mix are needed.

Testifire does this with no using pressurized cans of gas or other hazardous products. Stimuli (Smoke and Heat) are generated at the time of test making use of secure and patented procedures fuelled by replaceable capsules.

The new SOLO770 Battery Baton is greater potential merchandise. It makes it possible for greater efficiency on the field and on-site, as it gives more tests per battery, for the very same charge time as just before, but provided by the new SOLO727 Battery Charger.

The SOLO727 charger has also been enhanced and, even though it offers identical features as just before, it is now able of enabling quick charging of the new, higher capability battery batons from equally mains power and in-vehicle shops.

Functions & Advantages:

Testing with one particular tool is faster and far more effective
Much fewer instruments and gear to carry all around
Merged stimuli, delivers a lot quicker activation best for multi detectors
Special Clearing Cycle provides rapid detector cleaning with no repeat alarms
testing  times lowered by as a lot as 66% saving cost
Totally reverse suitable with the Solo variety of poles, battery batons, and chargers.
Ideal in any application, Land, Air and Marine
A must-have addition to any Professional Engineers Tool Suite
Reduced carriage and shipping costs – no pressurised cans of gas
Reduced Test Stimuli Re-stocking and freight costs – no pressurised cans of gas

Key Features

  • Two heat settings to activate detector testers up to 100°C
  • Has the ability to test for smoke and CO
  • Compatibility with widest range of detectors
  • Smoke & heat generated on–demand (only when detector enters cup)
  • Transparent test cup for a clear view of detector
  • Adjustable handle for use at angles
  • Testifire 2001 available for CO testing
  • Product Code: Testifire 1001-001