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We supply our  Fire Alarm Detector testing equipment all over the world

Solo fire alarm smoke test equipment is the only manufactured approved range of test equipment. We supply Solo smoke testing equipment all over the world to ensure that thousands of officers, engineers and companies around the globe are able to test their  smoke detectors professionally.
The Solo smoke detector test equipment are, the best products available to customers looking for a faster working system. It saves time on your routine fire alarm maintanence, which can often take hours.
Our range includes everything you will need to complete your fire alarm testing, from heat detector tester, and smoke detector tester, to smoke detector sensitivity tester, solo dispensers, and solo extension poles.
  • The most widely used detector tester, the Solo 330 works with the Solo A5, Solo A10s and Solo A10  smoke detector test aerosols to deliver fast and effective functional testing of smoke detectors.

    Key features include:
    • Suits widest range of detectors (up to 100mm / 4” in diameter)
    • Dispenser conserves smoke for fast activation & low cost per test
    • Spring-loaded solution for suspended ceilings
    • Transparent test cup for clear view of detector LED
    • Swing frame for use at angles
    • Can also be used with Solo C3 Carbon Monoxide Aerosol
    • Product code: Solo 330-001
  • Solo 365 - Smoke Detector Tester Solo 365 Smoke Detector Tester
    An innovative new tester for the functional testing of smoke detectors.  Solo 365 delivers smoke via Solo ES3 smoke cartridges offering faster, simpler and cleaner testing.
    Solo 365 Kit Contains:
    • 1 x Solo 365 Head Unit
    • 1 x Solo 370 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    • 1 x Solo 371 Smoke Generator
    • 1 x Solo ES3 Smoke Cartridge
    • 1 x Spare 1060 Charger & USB Lead

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  • Solo A10s canned smoke detector tester
    Approved all over the world, our Solo smoke aerosols (used with the Solo 330/332 dispensers) deliver smoke particles to the detector under test replicating the conditions of smoke from a fire. Our range of smoke aerosols has recently increased to allow continued use of our Solo 330/332 dispensers in full compliance with latest regulations.
    Key features include:
    • Detector manufacturer approved
    • Designed for use with Solo 330 dispenser
    • Compliant with regulations
    • UL certified
    • Product Code: Solo A10S, Solo A5
  • Solo 365 - ES3 - smoke detector tester
    Finally a compact smoke cartridge for use with Solo 365.  The Solo ES3 cartridge has non-hazardous and non-pressurized – therefore making it easy storage above all easy for transportation. In conclusion, this is the future of smoke detector testing along with to Solo 365 which it will be used with. Key features include:
    • Detector manufacutrer approved
    • Solo Es3 is Non-flammable, non-pressurised & non-hazardous
    • Rapid activation of detectors
    • Compact design
    • Product code: Solo ES3-001
  • smokesabre - smoke detector testers smoke sabre smoke detector tester
    Simple, low cost and even fun. SmokeSabre is a hand-held smoke detector tester that provides a fast and effective method for testing smoke detectors. Key features include:
    • Enables functional testing with ease
    • Eliminates the risk of harmful residue
    • Cannot be activated unless the Sabre is fully extended
    • Enables functional testing of ionisation and optical smoke detectors
    • Product Code: SmokeSabre-01-001
  • testifire smoke detector tester testifire-multi detector tester
    Testifire enables fast, effective testing of single and multi-sensor detectors. Different stimuli (smoke and heat) can be applied in sequence or at the same time.
    Testifire 1001 Kit Contains:
    • 1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit
    • 1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule
    • 2 x Solo 770-001 Battery Baton
    • 1 x Solo 727-001 Multi-Voltage Fast Charger
  • Smoke generated by Testifire is delivered via capsules. The use of capsules offers a number of benefits over traditional aerosol canisters.
    Key features include:
    • Non-pressurised – easier to store and transport
    • On-demand smoke generation – less wastage, more tests
    • Smoke stimulus which is compatible with widest range of detectors
    • Product Code: TS3-001
scorpion remote detector tester
Trutest - sensitivity detector tester
  • Designed specifically for use with the Trutest 801, Aero 400 is a smoke aerosol specially formulated to help measure smoke detector sensitivity.
    Key features include:
    • Designed for use with Trutest 801
    • Non-flammable
    • UL Listed
    • Product Code: Aero 400-001
  • For those also requiring the Solo access pole, the Trutest 800 provides everything you need – with access up to 6 metres provided with the Solo 100.
    Product includes:
    • Trutest 801 smoke detector sensitivity tester
    • Solo 100 Access Pole
    • Storage case and pole bag
    • Product Code: Trutest 800-001
  • The Trutest 801 has been designed for engineers to measure the sensitivity of smoke detectors quickly, accurately and with maximum efficiency. The Trutest 801 is ideal for those who already own a Solo access pole.
    Product includes:
    • Sensitivity tester head unit
    • Control panel
    • Durable storage case
    • Product Code: Trutest 801-001