Hochiki FIREwave RSM-CP Wireless Manual Call Point with Backbox & Batteries

The RSM-CP is a wireless resettable manual call point which features a simulated glass front. When activated a plastic ‘flag’ is displayed in the window of the unit; the supplied key will reset the flag and unit. The unit is supplied with a back-box. Weatherproof version is also available with a IP65 rating.

The unit’s parameters are programmed via the Translator Module via a PC link. The Translator Module then automatically manages detector radiated power depending on the device communication quality. Each unit can automatically adjust its frequency and radiated power output in accordance with the signal quality received from the Translator Module.

Key Features:

Bi-directional wireless communication

Fully intelligent

Utilises standard low cost lithium battery technology

Long battery life

Resettable Element

Clear ‘device activated’ warning flag

High reliability

Automatic channel hopping

Self-optimising wireless amplitude and frequency

Compliancy to AS4428.9

SAI Global Approved