Sterile Burn Dressings:
Two 4″ x 4″
Two 4″ x 16″
One 8″ x 18″
One 12″ x 16″ Face Mask
Ten 3.5 gm Unit Dose Packets of Burn Jel (contains Lidocaine)
One 2oz. Burn Jel Bottle (contains Lidocaine)
Two 3″ Rolls of Gauze; Scissors

Case Pack: 5 stations
Case Weight: 24.58 lbs.
Case Dimensions: 17.63in. W x 22in. H x 12.25in. D
Unit Dimensions: 17.25in. W x 21.25in. H x 2.25in. D
Individual Unit: 4.58 lbs.

Item EBSL-5-24
Cool Jel replaces Burn Jel. Cool Jel does not contain Lidocaine. All other contents remain the same.