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Automatic Fire Suppression System Components from Strike Fire

Strike Fire is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Fire Detection TubingFire Suppression System Valves and Fittings. Their Products are used in Fire Suppression Systems for Control Panels, Electrical Cabinets, IT Servers, Cable Ducts, Vehicle Engine bays & Kitchen Cabinets prone to Grease fire.

Our heat sensing tube is available in three types, having different sensitivity zones, for varied end user applications.  Our Direct Low Pressure ValveIndirect High Pressure Valve and Direct High Pressure Valve are used in conjunction with our sensor tubing for fire suppression in enclosed spaces.

Our Fire Suppression System Fittings  form  leak proof connection with our sensor tubing and has outstanding grip even in high vibration applications.

  • Key advantages:

    • Used in conjunction with StrikeFire sensor tubing to detect and suppress fires in very small, enclosed spaces
    • Direct configurations in areas < 1m3
    • Compact and flexible - permits installation inside individual equipment, closer to the source of a potential fire