/Flame Detector Tester
Flame Detector Tester2019-10-17T13:57:43+01:00
  • This test unit has been designed to generate a wide range of optical output signals. Flame sensors for fire detection and flame monitoring applications can be activated and tested.
    • Ideal for testing flame detectors
    • Wide Spectral Output - UV, Visible, Near IR, Mid-IR
    • Tests many Flame Sensors Types UV, UV/IR, UV/IR², IR³, IR², IR
    • Conforms to NFPA 72 Chapter 14 (14.4.3)
    • Portable with Rechargeable NiCd Battery Pack and Charger
    • 12V 7 Ah maintenance free leak proof sealed battery
    • Selectable Optical Output Type
    • Constant Illumination
    • Regular Flashing Sources (Range of Frequencies)
    • Irregular Flickering Sources (Resembling Flames)
    • Selectable Optical Output Intensity with LED Bar Graph Indication
    • Range typically 3 metres and beyond
    • 30 Second Timeout on Each Test
    • Includes custom hard case